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Sarah B. ll   

     The Sarah B. II is a 2004 35' Duffy & Duffy. With a beam of 11' 10" she is capable of carrying 100 4' traps. A 265hp 6068 John Deere gives a cruise speed of 13knts and top speed of 19knts. The 240 gal fuel tank will get through about nine days(12hrs/day) before needing to refuel. The Sarah B ll has a split Wheel to keep electronics and other gear out of the elements. She is a commercial lobster/crab boat first, perfect for an authentic look at the Maine fishing industry. 

   Sarah B.

          (no longer owned by Buggin ME Tours as of 2017)

     F/V Sarah B. is a classic lobster boat design. With a long bow and tapering stern, this 1979 30' Repco gives passengers the feel of an old school wooden boat with the reliabilty of modern fiberglass. The Sarah B. underwent a two year restoration after it was purchased in 2011. She has spent the last 3 seasons being fished out of Stockton Harbor by Captain Travis Wyman.  

     Powered by a 350ci Cheverolet motor, she has a cruise of 10 knots and a top end speed of 20 knots. She's 9' at the bulk head, 6' in the stern and draws roughly 3' of water. When it's time to set over, a comfortable load of gear is 40 three footers. 

     The Sarah B. is named after Travis' wife and high school sweetheart. The Sarah B. can often be found when the fishing day is over, cruising the upper bay with Sarah, Travis and their two sons, Aimon and Bryson-maybe dragging a mackarel tree or going to haul a few extra traps for a family lobster feed. 

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