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Tour Packages


     All package prices are to charter the entire boat for up to 6 passengers unless otherwise specified.

Sun Cruise

Experience the breathtaking sunrise or sunset from the ocean, truly a must see experience! Enjoy a 1 1/2 hr sunrise or sunset private cruise. You can also schedule any of the other cruises before sunrise and enjoy the sunrise for no additional cost. (this pricing is for sunrise or sunset times only.)

     up to 6 people  $225 


Mini Maine Experience

     This is a roughly two hour cruise. With a quick trip from the dock, we will jump into the commercial fishing world right out of the gate - while hauling commercial lobster and crab pots. You will see the sights and learn the ways of local commercial fishermen.

     Up to 6 people $400


Maine Experience

     This package is the extended version of the Mini Maine Experience, with a time frame of roughly four hours. The extra time allows a more hands on experience while keeping a more relaxed schedule as well as allowing time to steam down the bay to try and find some seals, porpoises, eagles, and plenty of island views.  Learn to gaff buoys, measure and band lobsters and experience the thrill of what lies within each trap!

     Up to 6 people $600


Around The Cape

     For those people who have less interest in the lobster and crab fishing aspect of the bay, but would still enjoy a relaxing trip. We offer a three or four hour sight seeing cruise. Enjoy views of Fort Point Lighthouse, Penobscot Narrows Bridge, and Fort Knox. 

     Up to 6 people   3hr $450 or 4hr $525



Island Hopping

A cruse down the bay (roughly little over an hour). Fallowed by wildlife and nature sightseeing around several islands before anchoring and going ashore. Bring a lunch spend a few hours exploring and enjoying and beach. It is fairly common to be the only people on these small islands. Accessibility is limited since you will have to use a skiff to be brought from the boat to the island. 

     up to 6 people $975



Custom Packages

You dream it up and Buggin' ME Boat Tours will make it happen for you. Please send all custom requests by email through contact page. These are scheduled in 1/2hr increments with a 1 1/2hr min.  Custom price will be sent by E-mail.  Extra cost maybe added for services that require additional preparation, or Materials. Ideas to include but not limited to: romantic night out, private birthday party,  Island hopping, etc! $200 min the total price will be figured and sent when contacted.


Things To Keep In Mind:

     Buggin' ME Boat Tours is an owner run company. As such your safety and enjoyment are the two priorities of every trip. As for safety, there will be a safety brief before each departure. The Sarah B ll is also equipped to exceed all coastguard regulations for a commercial fishing vessel.  As for enjoyment, none of the packages are rigid. It is very important that all passengers are included and feel comfortable throughout the trip. If there are any modifications that need to be made to make sure passengers are satisfied with their trip, they will be made. Anything you feel Capt. Travis  may need to know prior to departure to make the trip more enjoyable can be sent by email on contacts page. Also, any questions are welcome through that same email link. 


     This is a very family friendly tour service, children of all ages are welcome. There are only a few things to keep in mind when bringing aboard children. First, all children under 13 must wear a properly fitting PFD (Personal Floatation Device) while on the boat.  Buggin' Me Boat Tours is equipped with PFD's ranging from adult sizes down to 24lb. Anyone who wishes may bring one from home as well. Second, there is a portable head (toilet) on the Sarah B ll for emergencies, however using this facility prior to trip is best for all. All trips are family friendly, however if you notify Capt. Travis by email of the number of children, he can customize the trip to make it a little more geared towards the kids. 


     If the scheduled time needs to be changed due to poor weather, or canceled you will be contacted and either offered another time slot or be fully refunded if paid in advance.

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