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 Captain Travis Wyman

     Travis was born and raised in Stockton Springs. From the time he was 6 years old, he spent his summers on the back of his father's lobster boat. While stuffing bait bags and banding lobsters, he grew up learning the ways of the local lobster and crab industry.  Long days on the ocean only solidified his love of the water.  

     Travis got his first 18' glass over wood skiff at 9 years old.  He used it to hand haul 30 traps, when he wasn't fishing with his father. He finished his apprenticeship and received his Commercial lobster license at age 13. By age 14, he was sternman on his dad's boat through the summer months. 

     Travis still lives in Stockton with his wife Sarah, and their two boys Aimon and Bryson. Travis now fishes 8 months a year, with a total of 800 traps during the lobster season. It's not uncommon to see the whole family heading out on a nice evening for a ride or to haul those last few traps that were left from the week.

      Travis has received his oupv (six pack) endorsement from the United States Coast Guard, allowing him to be a fully insured and licensed captain of a vessel up to 100 gross tons for up to 6 passengers. The Sarah B. ll meets all safety requirements as a Passenger Vessel as well as a Commercial Fishing Vessel.


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